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Celebrate Life.


We anticipate a massive shift in demographics as our beloved boomers pass on. They'll be transfering much of the wealth and knowledge to millenials that was created post-war since the 1960's booming era. For this, we should celebrate their lives eternally with digital memorials.

What is Obitsy?

Create a Celebration (online obituary/memorial service)
We always have discounts on/around Christmas and other holidays. During the holidays, we understand its expensive to travel and generally an expensive time of year. Helping to lighten the expenses, during these times is important to our mission. So, if you want to wait to post during a Christian holiday, its a good time. Disappointing news, doesn't often come at a good time for most of us.

Newspapers & Obits
Formerly, it used to cost between $200 to $450 for a complete obituary. Everyone used to read the paper, and now that the Internet is here.. people have vast troves of resources for information. Copies of things are scattered everywhere. Obitsy will be the premier location of the future to post in the obits. Some genealogy websites are awesome for family trees (which we have) and those are mostly moving towards DNA kits for discovery of bloodlines for the past. We're sticking to celebrations.

Lifetime Club Membership
Once you've created a single obituary memorial celebration, you're considered a "Club Member" for life. You're free to manage family tree information and moderate the comments/posts, connect and interact with guests of your celebration.

Funeral Directors
We allow multi-user access for funeral directors and their staff members to create online memorials.

Rich & Famous People
We also have a searchable database of 10,000 rich and famous people such as; poets, writers, artists, inventors, billionaires, singers, world leaders and more.

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